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Insights to give your brand a competitive edge

Understanding and influencing choices

Our mission is to help clients understand changing markets, serve customers and audiences better, make well-informed and forward-thinking strategy and policy decisions, and identify opportunities for profitable growth.

We look for game-changing insights, including:

What makes your target audience really tick – what are their defining values, abiding frustrations and untapped needs?

What are the heuristics (rules of thumb) that consumers use to evaluate the choices available to them?

What makes them act instinctively or habitually, rather than rationally, and how can this pattern of behaviour be disrupted?

When are customers most open to persuasion, and how can you communicate with them then?

Insights to give your brand a competitive edge

Creating conversations with engaged minds

Much market research is dull, both for participants and for clients subjected to “death by PowerPoint”. We aim to facilitate a lively, insightful conversationbetween our clients and their customers.

We use a range of methodologies including deliberative and ethnographic techniques to explore often complex strategy and policy issues with consumers. We then use our skills in digital video, web design and social media to communicate research insights in compelling ways, and to provide our clients with resources they can use independently to persuade and inspire their stakeholders.

Mark Ellis

Director, The Knowledge Agency

Mark is a vastly experienced researcher, brand strategist and facilitator, with senior management experience in the consultancy, advertising and broadcasting industries.  He set up The Knowledge Agency in 1998, after working as the Chief Adviser, Market And Audience Intelligence, within the BBC’s Policy and Planning unit. Before that he worked at the UK’s leading advertising agency, Abbott Mead Vickers•BBDO, as a Board Account Planner and Director of Brand Futures, the agency’s brand consultancy division.


Market Research


Brand Development


Marketing Strategy

Our clients include some of the biggest players in UK media

Since 1998 we have conducted media-specific projects in television, radio, online, and mobile content, and cross-media projects covering issues such as media literacy, public value, changes in music consumption, and the relationship between consumers and trusted brands across emerging media platforms.

Previous clients include:

Absolute Radio
Bauer Media
Capital Radio
Channel Four
Classic FM
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Guardian Media Group
GWR Group
Orion Media
Readers Digest
Shed Productions
STV Productions
UK Radioplayer
UBC Media

Client Feedback

“By far the most useful research project I’ve ever been involved with. Your findings were expressed in the clearest, most useful form I’ve ever come across,
and your work has had a direct and tangible impact on the final product.”

Michael Hill

Managing Director, UK Radioplayer

“The best focus groups I’ve ever seen… and believe me, I’ve seen many.”

John Simons

Group Programming Director, GMG Media

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