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Market-Leading Media Research

We have the skills, experience, knowledge and ideas to help you understand and grow your market

The Knowledge Agency has been researching the UK media market for almost 15 years, and our team of researchers has senior management experience in in the advertising, consultancy and broadcast businesses.  We are used to presenting to senior clients, and to producing reports for publication.

Our client list includes many of the leading organisations in UK media – the BBC, Ofcom, Channel Four, Guardian Media Group and Bauer Media. We help them understand the evolving media landscape, serve their audiences better, anticipate future changes and identify opportunities for growth and development.

Since 1998 we have conducted media-specific projects in television, radio, online, and mobile content, and cross-media projects covering issues such as media literacy, public value, changes in music consumption, and the relationship between consumers and trusted brands across emerging media platforms.

Much of our work is in complex strategy and policy areas, and we have developed ways of making these meaningful to research participants (e.g. through use of short films). But doing the research is only half of the story. We believe passionately that how you communicate the research findings is at least as important as how you do the research, especially when dealing with creative organisations. Story-telling is an important part of our job, and we’ve invested heavily in developing the the skills and resources to make digital video, web tools and other multimedia an integral part of our research offer.