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Up-Close And Personal With Your Target Market

We create ‘target market movies’ that can change the way your organisation serves its customers

Many organisations struggle to really understand their target audience or to act effectively on that understanding.  Often these organisations have a lot of research available to them, but it is not shared effectively, or is presented in a format that non-research experts can’t engage with.

At best, people working in non-marketing disciplines might have a pen portrait of a ‘typical’ customer, but this is often based on the calculated average demographics, attitudes and behaviour of what is in reality a diverse customer base.  Often this kind of ‘average’ customer doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

We can offer you a new approach, based on real, compelling customer insights, and communicated in a way that will engage all parts of your organisation.

First we will go out and film research with your chosen target audience.  Usually this takes the form of one-on-one interviews in each person’s home.  This kind of ethnographic approach has been proven to yield much more honest and perceptive insights than traditional focus groups.  It also allows our experienced researchers to identify the underlying factors that unite your target audience, rather than the average or lowest-common-denominator characteristics that are thrown up by other approaches.

We then distill the key insights into a short film (or series of films) that tell the story of your target market in an accessible and engaging way.  This can be used in presentations and online. (We can even build you a dedicated website for this purpose.)

But this film is just the tip of the iceberg.  We also provide you with a catalogue of (usually several hundred) clips for you to use in your own presentations, ensuring that the project has an extended life and an enduring impact on your business.

We have successfully used this approach to help BBC Radio, Ofcom and Guardian Media Group (among others) to get closer to specific target groups.

To find out more about target market movies, call Mark on 01926 887400, or send us an e-mail.